Orange Rhymes With Door Hinge

This is all about diminishing the glossy finishing with wishing and dishing up experiences kissing or dissing or dismissing missiles and long walks for many miles it's about unleashing what is wild within your own self teaching reaching out with your dirty hands for some bleaching let it burn and sterilize until it kills you like your life itself was paralyzed take care guys, gals, smiles, floor tiles

You know what is funny about rhyming with oranges?

you can't unless you get down low right where the floor fringes,

And swing open what people said was shut on its door hinges.

Purple is another color not rhymed with, not tried with, purple,

don't give up on me yet, there's a boulder sir, pull!

Give it all your might and you just might lift it and put it in flight

It takes the want, the need, the swamp, the horse feed, the utmost

gumption without any assumption! 

The End

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