on gracie's style

i knew a young lady who worked in a law office and she read first blog which was a much better blog before i moved to bc and everything changed.  gracie never capitalized anything and her writing was much like a stream of consciosness that rambled coherently and i loved reading it and i scorned her by choosing the girl in BC which is not so bad because gracie and i still talk and we did an exercise where we wrote 1500 words describing each other and she was really astounded with mine and i wasn't surprised, it hought it was pretty good too, and then eight months later, two months ago i got an email from her about never being one not to repay a debt and it was 1500 words about me from her perspective and i nearly cried it was so precise not like dumb horoscope precise but intuitive this is who you are precise.

the law student was jealous of gracie though she denies it but acting jealous and being jealous are the same which was funny because her, the law student and I had never met and that always freaks me out that people like me in the first place and im still not sure if im insecure or humble but the more things fall over the more im thinking insecure which sucks because, yeah whatever, so i finally meet the law student and she's lovely and intelligent and we can talk for hours except the bottom just completelt fell out of my life and it seems the worst time to fall in love.

The End

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