Stop This...? Nah

Stop this?

lop off this

crop of crap?

but what if it truly makes me happy

opposite of a pap

smear campaign

my damn aim

is immaculate

smacking your silly wit

out of the damn frame

and pigs fall like rain or ham

I am to blame

sir hamlet let me

release free

speech and free thoughts coincide


I mean collision,

exposition-- is this writers expedition-like mission

like nuclear fission

I am reacting

wishful dichotomy

listless business

simplified down to inches

It is not a cinch

to hide

the grinch


and say nothing but breathed air,

walking away giving nothing more than a stare,

let them talk another day,

let them try until its time to pay,

not when the cellar door slams shut

but tethered more toward being on accord

with lord like swords





steady in control oscillating I condone,

phone the F home and stay there

when I come at you razor sharp

hurting a harpy who is hardly close to understanding

how to act godly or like a goddess

haha is me laughy,


incontinently grabby,

knife stabby

I'm getting up from my chair now-- I'm feeling much too flabby.

The End

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