Will the Words run out? Oh NO.

I'm afraid I'll run out of words although I wouldn't mind repeating them until I can't repeat anymore without going gonzo because at least then at that point I will have to improve my vocabulary and really why should I be worried this exercise is all about not giving in not stopping for anything just not letting anything get you down so you can get down whatever you are thinking in the moment and atonement and stoned marathons are over I'm goaling toward s getting better every single hay stacked day affliction deriliction? what was that spat smatter sllaughter house 5 or 65 kurt vonnegut jr ate alot of curts an way -- sound itsy bitsy grueling-- yes that was a terrible in the moment pun i couldn't resist desist contest contempt concepts cemented repremanded demented but I f'in meant it so heaven sent it and Hell burnt and bent the fringes dollying it up on dumb waiter hinges to earths crusty plataeu or stage where I watered down my rage and opened up the first page and read it reading like a wetted leaded red sweated fettered tether of salmonella and I breathed it heaved it in a sigh to die and burn falling a mile high upward past the sterling gates past the pearly gates past the surging worm bait and into ...oh it's time to eat PEACE.

The End

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