Clean or Go To The Gym?

Clean or go to the gym is the sleep in late conundrum this staurday morning blurring to afternoon my apartment is in shambles my landlord could hardly look me in the face yesterday because she knows and she does and she still loves me so its funny but also not at all funny to be such a filthy pig of a good person when perspectives of people who don't know me tend to be way off course of course perceptions are assumptions and assumptions make an ass out of you and me merely opinions I guess and we all know that opinions are like a-holes because everyone's got one so try not to cling to your ideas so seriously all the time because you are not even close to being different original or real really, right? but I find myself wanting personal gain from basketballing it up hard at the gym and showing the kids how to dominate inside and outside and then hit up the weight room and grunt like yoda and tarzan to no one in particular just getting lost in the repetition of burning and then hassle the front desk girl for a protien bar and say something funny to the cleaner because hes so genuinely happy and maybe then I'll feel good enough to come home and really clean and do the dishes and walk to the laundry mat with a really good book and read it and flirt with people laugh with people try to connect with people any people just so that I feel like I'm there like I'm alive and to let others even strangers know that I care that someone cares enough just to say something and not for any needy agenda of my own just to see if I can't brighten anyones day because thats what gives me a sense of belonging and a sense of purpose much more than grades ever did or money ever does. I'll letcha know how that all worked out. ... later... when I'm too tired from the gym to clean! ha ha

The End

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