Hope Your Hungry...

FoOd..its the hungry mans dream and the  anorexics worst nightmare greasy dripping hambugers between sesame seeded buns a heaping mound of your mothers very own freshly over mashed potatoes candys with the stripes pizza pockets that commericials brag of an explosion so big that it sends you flying across the room oven toasted garlic bread that you burp up for hours afterwards pepsi that you drink so fast it burns you esophagus lobster dipped in real butter not the imitation i cant believe its not butter crap french toast smothered in canadian maple syrup that you helped your uncle fred tap from the old maple in the backyard lobster either steamed in salted water or creamed with the richest of whipping creams steak marinated for days and flame broiled on the bbq fresh fish in beer batter budweiser on a hot summers day pork chops in mushroom soup chocolate cake not from a box but from your grandmothers recipe book that was passed down for generations cookies that before baking you eat half the raw doe crystal light..yuck aftificial sweetners curdle my stomache poutine a great invention cotton candy on a stick lickwish as my dear aunt hazel could not pronounce properly icecream peanuts m&ms red smarties that I do eat last cheese and crackers nuts and bolts eggs...before the chicken??hmmm...grilled cheese sandwiches extra mayo please kraft dinner a staple in my home chicken soup for your soul and mine tomatoes off my greenhouse vine cheesecake shrimp mozza sticks ...im going to eat now!!!!

The End

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