Woo Hoo

I don't try to be different I am so inevitably my style will survive when your now turns to then



when sent


 tongue dent


swirling language

gauge the maze

tangled ropes

on slaves

hoped to be saved

choked by  uncle sam's

grandchildren tilting

the tables

in 2050

whites the minority

sense like 50

bends the mercedes

haides like hate, hell,

ringing singing bells

tell of a nation crumbling

like lightning thundering

white crooks are mumbling]

from too much brandy and extortion

murder lies make a truth contortion

rebels throats raw and hoarse

from screaming at the snakes teaming

multiplying falsifying children are starving, crying,

division within helps control the population

root for different teams and applaud the individual

who cheats his way to a well paid suit

getting loot looting shooting liuke street violence

polluting recruiting the murderer lingers in silence

And he is who we call our hi-ness.

The End

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