Silence Hi-lights Violence And Anger

listen to blessed descriptional diction tisk tisk blitzed fritzed hits the pits lights so lit and bright so right not wrong broken bong spoken song token spent and gone rent is money long gone weekly basis tiresome places moving retooling improving from self schooling honest never manipulating never fooling forever stipulating creating hating hate displacing that kind of weight with love hugs kisses for misses and gentlemen can have all dividends undivided equivocal citizens envisioning peace and the creases on old faces at least had their time for youth like peanutbutter chocolate I'm reeses siezed by diseased pieces of geese somehow ha ha this is funny like bugs bunny and roger rabbit and I kicked that smoking habit out the open door exploring happiness in minimal cups of tea and coffee toss me cross me nail me sail me pale face hail me holy grail me crave me daily I'm tasty like parsley pastry harshly crazy fiercly competetive tears silhouetted with reddened clay like wounds leaking speaking with blood's tongue, blood has it's own language known as death and violence upon stranger hi-lights the silence with anger.

The End

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