The Wick of Sick Wit Is Lit

I AM...

Literarily scary

generically sparing

Sparring starring

daring caring

barely stammering

Snarling garlicy

pardon me seargent

freak cardigan bleep

I seperate flocks of sheep with words like dogs

bred to herd

you heard

like frogs bogging down the bog

logging like a fraud chainsawed

I'm not southern but, " Oh lawd"

My real name rhymes with god

and odd and fraud and pod

and 'hotty' if you add a 'Y' to my pride

snide but never smug

never belittling striving to understand

until I leave this land

I fear it will happen sudden

I'll be chatting on the street

a moment later...

I'll be a six foot deep piece of meat

At least then I will truly understand

And perhaps because I won't be able not to

at that point of no return 

Will my soul burn

Will my goals be churned

reborn as some sea horny sea horse

bobbing into a sharks mouth unaware

happy little life snapped in the snare

back again inside a panda pen

mommy birthed me sat down on me

sank me into the earth suffocated

reincarnated as a person

I scream in the doctor's rubbered hands

Not this again, promptly forgetting why more each day

screaming screaming screaming in life forms eternally.

The End

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