Place Thoughts, Erase Thoughts, Face Your Thoughts

As I look upon the screen infront of me I only see the blocks of text that go on for pages and pages detailing sentences and paragraphs that go on and on without end or purpose. And so it is with this dawning of the idea that I could try a post here, I place my thoughts on the drawing board in order to think about what I should place in this post of mine.

It takes some time, as I notice this rhyme that started with the word mine, to finally start to erase my precious thoughts as I become so intertwined with the text within. I see what I see and think what I think and wonder and ponder what I please and will do it when and where I choose. But I've gone off topic, silly me, and must try to get back on the tracks by the end of the sentect but I find it to be impossible.

Finally as my head begins to spin round and round from the excess of thought and wording, I begin to see my thoughts visualy appear on the screen of the computer that I'm at. I wonder how this could be but then I notice something else: I'm typing them as I think of them. But alas, as I begin to wrap up my post, the bell rings and I must hurry or face the wrath of the thought of finishing the post. Off I go to think....

The End

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