Fluffy pillows

fluffy pillows comfort the stuffy black sihloeuttwed wet with read liquid known as blood dripping sticking when halfway dry licking the large cat's prey after jaws pryed from throats of dead the dead is what is fed upon dawn and dance with the violent trance enhanced by night time stalkers cloaked like daggers unsheathed when teeth sink and make cadavers of life matter it does frogging matter and I find time and rhyme and limes oranges cirus mistrust digested disgust precious message hell sent with angel wings torn off the cancun fling the little boy playing with his din a ling fantasizing of a grown woman in bed was this young boy's dream for as long I can recall, though now as a man I'm not interested in promiscuos sex at all be they short girl or tall I like the mental so much more essential in terms of having it all to have a well matched soul to share grow old and bare your body to without a dare or a glance or a trancelike dance with a hung microphoning home like ET seat me stand me hand me candidly stamina's dandy cannon I'll fire it Like Trump like the ump you're out and I'm stepping mic checking like tornado's in major metropolis recking wreaking havoc savage elaborate travesty tallahassee alligator salamander agitator I'll grab you sexually later or never but I like it so lets get married and have a son named Demitri in Denmark no big deal right no sweat all worked out like a cardio clerk took a slice of turkey herky jerky beef jerkey New Jersey New Hampshire New Hammy ham bone stand alone die together lay forever one day so I take crayon mayhem stay on demanding flame gone memento more means a reminder that we'll be gone one day so be good today always alwaya always for no other reason than your own and watch admiration respect and jealousy sprout till grown.

The End

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