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Absolutly not Cassandra.Got it the reason why i am never understand but the point of letting it flow disregardingf the essence behind the writing is somehow lost on me.But is hall give another go ait it,i am tryinng myhardest not to stop and check for mistakes on spellingbut what the heckit is not as i have ever done well enough in the past anyway.The sacrcastic tone on the last setence are for my eyes only read by you all if so inclined,must think about getting back to portuguese,maybe i shall do better there ?

Just a thought.Any other thoughts that are going through my head right nnow would have the page rated mature,i am easily distracted by sex,shoot me.

Life is to be lived as we see fit ?!Isn`t it not so why spend any time here trying to write things only others fellow writers will even try and read,it is not it has any true value in real life.But has i put words into the paper i recall why coming here in the first place.True value?

How to measure one pkeasure in doing something that brings so much joy and yet it brings doiwn on you so much criticism ?

I guess we learn how to develope some stronger skin.That is enough rambling with no outcame ...See you all soon enough

All the best and inner nerd.

The End

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