Be Real, Just Write, Let It Flow

it's not for discussion, it's not for opinions it doesn't even matter if it makes sense does it tad and it certainly doesn't matter if it's not correctly punctuated or if it is at all it's just writing whatever comes into your noggin, stuff structure, stuff editing just flipping write it and forget it and it doesn't matter if nobody reads it because it's just here as an outlet and it's a good thing and very good for well I don't know what it's good for but it must be good for something.  You don't want to read structured things in this I don't want to see paragraphs, there are plenty of other places here for such constraining things. Write and be free and don't care if it's good or if anyone likes it or even reads and definitely don't write what you think you should but write what you feel like until you run out of things.  Nobody is sayingh don't have structure ever again but it's a discipline in itself to turn off your internal editor and just type anything and everything and stop worrying if it looks good and lots of writers have found hidden gems in their own subconscious this way and its a cure for writer's block too and if you suddenly find yourself noticing the smell of a barbecue outslde then put that in too and wonder what they're cooking and wish you had some nice cheese in the house so you can have a snack and then you notice the cat sniffing the air and know that she's wishing she'd been invited along to her own little barbecue with the neighbourhood cats cooking maybe field mice and rabbits and hanging around talking about the latest brand of cat food their owners are expecting them to eat and wondering what possessed them to buy such utter rubbish I mean I'm a cat of discerning tastes and why can't my owner buy decent stuff with caviar and prawns and lobster thermidor flavour catfood instead of crappy old poultry, what kind of poultry is it anyway , it's probably just the hens' feet and before you know it you have an idea for a story about cats rebelling against their owners and plotting to kill them al, but even if you don't that's fine.

The End

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