Maybe a common topic of discussion ?

absolutely not cassandra the concept is to let your own topics come to life through writing unrelentingly fast as fast as you can type I like stuff that is typeless hype this hate this I don't care I didn't ask for anyone to join but I think they did and you did becasue getting in touch with your true self in the moment without contriving all the frogging time is very attractive contacted facts actuality in reality and gravity gradually pulls on goes on continue on keep it flowing nuerons firing liven the stagnance be originalEXPRESS YOURSELF FOR YOURSELF DANCE LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING LIVE LIKE YOU'LL DIE TODAY JUST SAY WHAT YOU WANT WHEN YOU WANT TO SAY IT AND DON'T SAY WHAT YOU DONT WANT TO SAY WHEN YOU DON'T WANT TO SAY IT-- BE MOTHERFROGGING REAL FOR A CHANGE HERE'S YOUR CHANCE DONT MISS IT

The End

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