Random thoughts on the nature of nature

Tad,to write without restriction or plot could not be more up my alley.

But my question here is why ?

I mean do we not learn anything from our fellow writers when we colaborate ?

So,why the excuse of riding a wave that leads nowhere ?

There as to be a purpose to every action we do,even in an exercise such as this.

So,instead of rambling I will tell you how my day (3/05/09),has been so far.

Well I had to finally clean my house.And by had to I mean if  I wanted to use any clean clothes or sleep in a fresh linen bed,that doesn`t smell of B.O.

What ??

The fact is I live alone,the only person who sees the mess( or not),I make is me.And if i don`t clean my house every day,ok honesty,every week.

Fine,I deep clean it these days ,once every two weeks,but the essentials as washing the dishes I use daily and obviously clean the bathroom on a daily base.

I am lazy,not a pig.

But all this to start to tell you how my day as been so far.

I was watching a program about the freedoom of information and aspects of religion.

Pretty heavy subjects for such a lovely day.

On a sunday we humans beings that love to remain focus on the good things of life prefer to go about our daily activities without contracting any more upsets tummies.

But I have to say,for me it was a spectacular program.

It is called "The big questions",and they could not chose a better title,because lets be honest when  we humans gater together and really talk,there is a mighty chance that some very upset topics will surface.

That is how we as a society evolve.How we progress.

So,Tad although the idea is not a bad one.

Can we have a topic apart from just writing ?

If you could be so kind....

Thank you..

The End

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