A Flash of Moments Flying BY

A flash. Quick. Dash and slash the sash of niceness and life with a spill of illness fulfilling bright shimmering brilliance until this missed target christened the lethargic and entices the largest trucking hover lucking worry toward courage pouring hot steamy porrige?porige? pourige? porrige is probably correct but more like poor-ridges on bumpy noses connect the dead to life the living to giving souls like sold to fate's old unfolded molded rusty story bores me I'd rather watch gory wolf fangs clench and snarl a gutteral growl before sleeping it's fun to feel a hot and uncontrolled fever take over and make you fall worlds away from home when you are within it bending time end it continuously stop and never utter another baby birthing word skinning the shins like scalps of indian excuse me susie native american can marinate in arrogance soaking up the trail of tears I hate hate so much I like to violate myself with violent traits and lie to faces digracing myself but getting away scott free because I'm smarter than a pot of nuerons hot for sure I'm cancer curing in lake huron moron contoured on contorted unfolded for sport this is the wizard wiz kid wishing for yellow taped double jeopardy chalked and deathly stalked stocked till clocks stop hearts I'm doing this exercise to hopefully lull me back from poetry's holding me hostess of the most unusual spoon fulls of useful musing musical minstrel and I guess this is a transistion from poetry pistons moving me like cars do a vehicle I'm riding my way closer to prose like the shirt I read once that said prose before hoes. you know what? I'm tired and funked like beyonce's sexy trunk wanna bite off a hunk? go f yourself--myself I just sunk.

The End

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