Contribution, colourful.

Little red wagons with red balloons tied to their tails.  Big blue whales cruisng through the big blue sea.  Brown- eyed bears bearing brown paper bags filled with baked brown Boston beans. Green with envy, purple-people eaters, white lightning, gray skies, black is the color of my true love's hair, but she's a goth who dresses in a black nightgown as she sleeps in her black coffin with the crimson red satin, the color of blood, the color of stop, the color of stop forever.  Seeing red, feeling blue, needing greenbacks, once called yellow when I dodged the draft.  Orange is orange and is always orange, but I'd rather have grapes purple or white.  In fact, I'd rather have wine, red or white, but never pink.  Pink is for girls and blue is for boys and violet is much the same for those who like it the same.  Some see black, some see white, but I find most answers lie in the gray.  Yellow sunshine yet it shines with white light that deep inside is red and orange, and yellow, and green, and blue, and violet and what's left behind is sky blue sky which is not that often sky blue.  Peppermint strips and seerscker blue, madras pants and tartan too, these are colors that ought to be colors that sit side by side to make things more colorful than they ought to be.  Yet there is also hospital green and instutional beige, khaki, olve drab, and the old red, white and blue.  I wonder if colors were seen in a different light, what colors would they seem to be.  Would we still be green with envy or would we be blue; seeing red as we shed blood or seeing orange.  roses are red and violets are blue or are they?

The End

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