Ratatouille Hooey

Tasha took the time out to let a rhyme out ratatouille hooey done gone kablooie I should be writing a school paper but that part of me has lost flavor like now and laters that's a talib kweli line not even mine i just love how that man does rhyme gone kissing fishing perhaps happening slow not fast go not stop knots are fought with strangled and forgotten tops you ought to seek you sought dotted dorothy up slipped round tornado's lost and found where her house is under witches wicked bound loud proud gun powdered snouts shout and snort cohorts slopping them up like pork or bacon this is the opposite of faking it's all about taking the mind and on the turn of a dime tiny ridges you'll find complexity in smallness and tense water circles in gigantic miracle grog gallons flowing hot like carribean seas sieze the see aspect the here hear ear concept the tear levitating upside down upside coins on the sky's ground like carebears cloud walking phlegm hocking hacking cackling amidst cigarette smoke sour throated lungs open esophagus for the liqouring tongue sickening I cum in the middle of rum stumbling dumb and brain numbed rambling loving to rumble fight put on hulk hands and bite a motherfroggers ear the frog off so crazy like mike tyson street fighting cars staring at strangers glaring I'm danger but nice and soft like lanolin handling babies wiping the frothing dog's mouth clean of rabies maybe if bob marley's spliffs could talk they'd say aaaaaaahhhhh im on frogging fire you dunce put me out !!! aaaaaaahhhhhhhh help smelts are fish ever bread crumbed them with a lemon spritz ? It's good bones and all head but not tail swall  al alala low I'm getting hollow really gotta write that school paper now, thanks for the contributions everyone I'm having a blast I hope you all are too. 

The End

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