Feel Lucky to be Lucid

Lucky to be lucid, lucid to be read, under no circumstances should you be lucid in the head. Never did like lucid it gives me strange feelings of inadequacy like do I have to pretend to sanity in order to get fed? or paid. I like paid it means I did something good, or at least i was there. I think I was there. maybe not all there ,but there nough to weasel a paycheck. The whole world isn't lucid, so why should anyone be. If you're the only lucid person doesn't that mean you can't be? Go ahead, think out loud, tell people about the water buffalo of unusual hue that lives on your roof, and gets angry when you milk it cuz it is male, and not into such things. This is as lucid as the middle East, North Korea or Iraq and Iran, I ran so far awayyyyy... where was I? Does this make any sense? No, well it shouldn't. It should match everything else out there, and mesh with the rantings and ravings of the religious, the political  and the insane. Nothing else makes sense, why should I? Pick out your thoughts, toss them into the air, and then see which ones people pick up on. That's what is out there. That's what is needed. The original ideas of rambling madmen taken with uncommon sense. Uncommon sense, because the common variety just isn't.  If it were, we'd all love our neighbor whether he loved your brother or your sister, and whether he ate pork or not. Funny that pork and religion go together at all, really. I think bacon is a divine right, but that doesn't mean I'll make you eat it. Or not let you. I think there was a temp taking memos for all the religious manuals. Went on a coffeebreak for all the important parts that might have tied it all together. If God had a message, and man did not have a part in running slipshod ramrod over it would be an epiphany, and noone could dispute it. Dispute is proof of mankind's lack of lucidity...and since lucidity is the so-called norm of all of us, and thus inherently abnormal, I don't feel lucky to be lucid, but lucky to ramble on, and wander lonesome highways with my friend the water buffalo, or the cebu. you heard about the cebu right? oh...I have some stories to tell you...

The End

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