Metaphorically Speaking, Course

metaphors for you for me for the seeing four like golf hollerer's small or taller ive got the gall to blabber smather spread and gather what's the matter does it matter we are matter rather glad sad bad dad sister nieces moms painted frozen shattered to pieces rebuilt and stuck back together melted severed clever endeavors very feathers my friend amigo goes to the show how wow kung pow sows are fat cows or just cows female I think cuz males are bulls balogna tiger like tony only boney muscly hot spot girlish twirlish like dervish hissing cobra cotton mouthed a lot of clout a moxie like the soda havn't seen nor tasted Moxie in years do they still make that shhhhhhhh can't swear for the intense raging fear of being flagged oh no but I really am sick of people here elsewhere tense verses dispense hearts stopped in the hearst in the worst kind of burn gasolined up leaned on by a heavy dump truck unloading a holocaust pile on your still breathing seething foaming bloody teething spirit teeming with hell's mixture and joseph stalin is the shiny fixture dangling his cut face from the candelabra while the devil the master masterbates I can't shake hate I see terrible things at night audio hallucinate screams become nightmareish dreams so it seems that I like to write whatever and let this disgustingness out of my head so that I don't turn into a pile of rubble spewing molten rock stubble chin mumble I'm so damn nice in person put on a big show that's genuine enough but most people remind me of fluff, dumb, wafting on a breeze unaware of their conscience afraid of their true worth afraid to fail afraid to try just shuffling along until they die I ask those people WHY all the time but it's exhausting to get B.S. answers so I don't try anymore except for with the people I truly love and want to hug when I see them and treat them dearly deary hear me I'm coming to the train tracks blame hacks fame flax flex mexican T-rex hex sex lets just let it loose keep it flowing especially when you are not knowing I'm on this boat a float and going to cape town south Africa stake bound like dracula accruate emaculate tic tac toe nailed the essay but failed the class everyone in school thought I was an ass but I now realize that I could just be 30 times their mental glass shatters I've got a lot of resentment for the arrogant academic side of life because smug faces make me want to quit and quiet the rat races displace it with something meaningful you know that everyone on earth could live richly with lots of money there's enough food for everyone but some overweight vice president needs 30 christams hams in the middle of july packed in his freezer so that his spoiled kids can yell at him and throw it and waste it and people actually die from hunger everyday oh god I'm soap boxing, fighting, hoping I'm lighting a fire, money is so sucky religion is so murky and mucky I pity anyone who needs to fear hell in order to be a good person.

The End

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