of Words and other Wondrous Things

Words combine and form blurbs in rhyme or other. Literally anything can happen, springing from the page, dancing in the mind, or rolling on the lolling tongue like you could taste them, see them, explore them with sound, all five senses and even beyond those can be reached, attained, transformed, maintained or destroyed. I like to think of language as a toy, as art, as a way to escape and have fun like dreams only with more control and sometimes less excitement. However this exercise is exciting because I'm not contriving and controlling... just rolling along and not stopping for a finger punching breath I guess you could say. Oh dismay that sentence and grammar falls to the way-side but unexpected navigation takes full flight and strides like a bird lifting off the earth, spreading it's wings churning wind and freeing itself from the mundane metamorphisis cyclical system. I don't know if this is making sense but I'm not trying to really I'm just trying to hit the keyboard like its a punching bag until I hit the same spot so many times it starts to sag and I hit some more or for a change and not to bore I'll say strike, not hit anymore, strike like a match or a swing or some mother frogging thing I can't think of though I did like a kid let it loose without stopping to consider-- which only sucks the fun at this point. Joints, tendons, intelligible splendid can-do soul not spirit cus I've heard that phrase and I'm tired excuse me, fatigued to listen it glisten grimace disgrace placement place mat faces take that hate aristocratic philistine oxy moron horns blaring door bell adored....wow I just had a blank spot like a black hole twirling in the center of this rambling slurping the grand affliction of dishy mish mashy swishing in the kitchen think dishing out the kinks ironing the mink timing limewiring bacteria hysteria mysterious delerious querelous smear lust here dust jeer thrust steer gush dear rush fear the must of stagnance brilliance resilliance cantankerous frankness hot dogging flogging gorilla slap manilla vanilla tap yup sup? This is all the piss I can piss in this cup. 

The End

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