Anything you want

keep it going with no inhibitions nor censors sensless visions coming to grips with my eye sight and sickness isn't bettering with quickness like a runners gunner under fire black suited attire rotates like tires in the dryer why oh why must the wires electrocute cute cutical snip of a snippet like the muppets puppets are manipulated hand fits throwing fits eating grits baseball bat the brain cocaine is the same as an ass with numb mumbling donkey hooves shoving crooks loving books entirely too much such is the worry hurry the words are dripping melting they scurry during intermission pepsi and fat corn butters the lat muscle gordo gore and more blood to explore and hugs do implore adoration intimidation aspiration continuation exasperated left limp like a hanging bone headed chimp gimpy simply too tired from the high liar dire geyser pliars pry nail biter by hailing thai fighters guy lighters and girl tighteners lighten the promiscuous ubiquitous wicked ticked talking tock tea me madam damn blam sand stand stay start prey pray religion hissing fision furtive learning earning garnering graciously yelling smelling wispering crispening dissing dismissing kissing bliss hit listless spit river drool pool school reminds me of stool story allegory metaphorically meaty meekly treaty tree trecherous train enlarging insane engraving stone staining soul blaming goal gaining on the dole like fruit for free root for me I cheer for you like I'm here stuck glue chew then swallow hollow weather drops reindeers not rain ouch that would hurt a horn in the cherry tort what retort sport not bart but bort court curt curtail tail tale snail wanna be whale wereabouts is the pale sprout bail out I'm about to trail out I hope you didn't read this then again I sorta do. Oddly enough I'm liking this free flowing thoughted stuff I do and bid aduie how the frog do you spell adiue??aduie adue??

The End

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