A Writing Exercise (not seeking a rating)

I write for myself

Ain't that right trifling elf?

Rivaling virus viles in denile rivers

Pen feathers quiver the bird's frock and fever

Keebler niether seen or in betweened the queen

This is straight B.S. I'm just happy not to be stressed

You could have guessed my mental mess includes rudeness

And the problem here is the end is nearest cuz I can't write a longe

r sentence than this so I'm just going to continue ripping language

s sinew into two or three with glee happy to sadly take thee trophy-

hopefully dopey coping coniptions envision pistons wishing for chr

istmas lights on super bowl cups and the lonley school boy can

buck the F up fugly pug plug hug bugs scramble tiny legs clicking

hicky licky cramp tampered stamps can drink up and sink down on

grounds of worm slivering I'm shivering before life's givening upon

taking the floor in sin gin dinner godly oddly a reciprocal part of

eachother son of man footing the land till time scatters erasing me

like sand in winds unwinding a spiritual finding.

The End

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