It was suppose to be their naughty secert. John was finding it hard to keep it. But he was a married man...They had to be careful. That's why she sat as far away from him as possible. Maybe it was the wrong thing to do...He watched Lulu"s pink lips curve into a flirtatious smile. Her painted eyes lingered and then pretended to read the handouts infront of her. But he could feel her eyes burning holes through the paper. So she was feeling it to...feeling restless...

Marion got up. She smoothed her pencil skirt and tucked in her cabbage rose shirt. She looked uncertainly at  her peers. John winked at her. Marion smiled nervously in return and then looked at Lulu. So Marion knew...he wasn't surprised. Marion didn't miss a thing.

Lulu nervously played with her magenta head band. Marion didn't notice she was busy starting up her slide show. The room darkened. John's eyes immediately went towards Lulu. He wanted to touch her. Lulu pretended to watch the slide show. He could see her red nails tap on the table.

It wasn't suppose to be like this. Lulu was too young, too wild for him...Her fashion sense was gawdy. Like she raided a child's dress  up box. She was young and had something to prove. Everything was a competition.He was beyond all that he just wanted to retire. So why had he kissed her?

Her " Barbie" Mobile broke down, so one day he offered to drive her home. He was being nice fatherly. But she wouldn't have it. She broke the silence by turning on the radio. She started singing Cat Stevens " It's a wild world".

John asked her " Why are you working here, if you can sing like that?"

She shrugged " Just because you want to doesn't mean you can"

Then he kissed her. Afterwards he waited for her to slap him. He was a good looking man but he was an older man. Apparently a dirty old man...She probaby wanted a young buck...but then she kissed him softly with her black cherry lips.

Afterwards she said " This is as far as this can go..."

If only she took her own advice. He wouldn't be playng footsys under the the table with her. Hooking his toes in her black  fish net. He wouldn't be falling in love with her. It was unfair.

The End

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