"Totally worth it," Charles thought to himself as he stared around his favorite spot.  The little island in the middle of the parking lot held exactly twelve square feet of lush, verdant grass.  On a good day he could come out and lunch, slip off his suede wingtips and stand in the shade of the tree that stood fifteen feet and seven inches.  He smiled up at its pale green leaves that danced in the scant breeze.

The conversations of his coworkers filtered in and disrupted his enjoyment.  No matter though, he just smiled his usual lazy grin and nodded along as if he was paying attention.  He never was.  Though, it seemed fair; they never paid attention to him.  Not one of them had even noticed his pirate belt buckle, though it was a smallish buckle with a painted on skull and cross bones with a green, woven belt.

So Charles shifted in his suit, the drab olive one he'd gotten at the thrift store, just to be a little different from the sea of blues, grays, and blacks.  Sure, it wasn't quite the right size, but what suit was?  They never fit right on his slight frame.  He shoved his hands in the deep pockets, hiding the fact that the sleeves constantly crept over his thumbs.  He puffed his blond hair out of his eyes, though it fell right back as he looked down.

A perfectly jade katydid landed with a quiet thud on his shoe, probably mistaking it for a root or bit of mossy earth.  Charles smiled at the little bit of brilliant life before him, such a welcome reprieve from the dull, muted tones of the dreaded office, the sterile office, the giant, soul-sucking monument to civilization and vorsprung durch technic.

"Yeah," Charles said quietly to the katydid, "totally worth it."

The End

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