There was a noise. Marion looked around and saw people tuck in their chairs and slowly move towards the stairs. It was too controlled.They moved as a crowd. Like lemings jumping of a cliff into the ocean. It could only be a fire drill.

Marion slowly got up and followed the crowd. Just another leming. A solider following orders...A man smiled at her and opened the side door for her. Pig. The roof could be crumbling and he wanted a date. Marion was tired of men. She was just plainly tired.

Marion let the Pig man chat on between gasping for air. They were on the forth floor and he was quite doughy in the middle. Just another over weight  middle age man. He probably ate lunch out every day. And he probably lived on hamburgers and fries and then worked the rest of his lunch break. Working just to get ahead.

" It looks like we are going to get rained on"

Marion looked at him questioningly. She saw him peer over a cloudy window. Marion walked back to the window and wiped away the condensation. She couldn't see a single rain drop. It was just blue. Dark blue.

Marion felt molested as the stranger pulled on her arm. He said " We probably should get going" Then he tried to make a joke about being stuck in a burning building. Marion did not laugh.

She pulled her arm away and walked briskly away. She didn't have the energy to fake it. She just wanted to go home. Go home and do what sleep? It seemed that's all she was doing sleeping, eating and watching movies. But she couldn't remember the last time she had a dream. She didn't have any nightmares either.

Marion walked accross the street to meet her co workers. They were all huddled in their cliques. Marion wanted to roll her eyes, to think she thought she would escape all that when she left highschool.

They bundled up in itchy fire blankets and pretended to shiver. It was breezey. It was spitting out but no  one was soaked to the skin. But somehow they all managed to complain about the weather

Marion looked up at the dark hovering clouds. The real storm hadn't even begun yet.

The End

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