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Just something to get some of the hundreds of idea's out of my head that aren't quite fully formed enough to be full book stories.

The Ancient Game

The city fell silent as a monstrous crack of thunder split the heavens. So loud and so total in the space around her that Amy covered her ears and screamed. Her voice lost completely in the earth shattering noise.

Ullr simply stopped. Dark emerald eyes focussed straight ahead down the arrow straight length of main street, regal face as solid and stoic as ever. Streetlights dimmed and flickered. Car alarms sounded all across the city. Amy fell to her knees and pressed harder onto her ears, it just kept going! It sounded like the earth was going to split in two. 'What is that?!' she screamed into the thunder.

The god's reply was lost to the chaos. 

Finishing with the totality of headsman axe hitting wood the thunder stopped and every light in the entire city died. Amy stared around the blackness, deaf and blind to the world around her, the ringing in her ears loud and painful enough to bring tears to her eyes. A second later light returned, the city blocks lighting back up one by one with clockwork monotony, looking around she saw Ullr stood at her side, leaning forward with a hand outstretched, the crimson locks of his ginger hair framing his pale face. 'You must go,' he said in that low voice. 

'What the hell was that!' she shouted as her ears slowly began to let sound back in as the ringing died away. She took his gloved hand and got to her feet, wiping away a trickle of blood flowing down the side of her face.

'Hel had nothing to do with this.' he said slowly.

'What? No I didn't mean...nevermind.' she paused. 'Where is the rain. Or the lightning.'

'You must go.' Ullr said again, more forcefully than before.

'Why? What's...' A wave. A force. Something, she didn't know what, hit her with all the force of a speeding truck. Locking her body in place. Making the hair on her neck stand on end. The force didn't want her to do anything but one thing, and that thing was clear. 


It pulsed that single thought over and over again in her mind. She had to obey it, her knees weakened and sank, she had to kneel! There was no other option. 'Ullr, what is that?'
she stammered. Somehow remaining upright.

'Him.' was the Norse God's only reply. Looking up main street the way they had just ran, his  imorrotal face suddenly looking very old and exceedingly powerful. Amy turned, seeing him only for a moment out the corner of her eye before the wave hit again. So powerful that she dropped to her knees instantly. Ullr's echoe was gentle and subtle,

The End

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