The White Horse Chug-a-lug Hoe-down Jamboree Thing


The White Horse tavern was infamous as being the place where Dylan Thomas drank.  Urban legend suggests that Thomas had drank to such excess that night in 1953, that it was the contributing factor to his death just a few days later. 

Writers are curiously drawn to the White Horse, and Brent was no exception. Whereas most writers reflect on the brilliance of Dylan Thomas, and hoist a few as a tribute to the fallen young writer, not so for Brent Madison.  Every frequent visit there, is a personal dare to match Thomas' legendary binge.  By his own calculations, he figured the writer to have had 47 shots of vodka that night.  His morbid quest to duplicate that effort usually fell short, due to inadequate funds to finish the job.

The White Horse also held special memories for this writer as well. It was where his party was hosted after 'The Color of Hatred' hit the New York Times Best Seller List, twelve years ago.  Although a clear victory, Madison had met Thomas' record nearly halfway that night.  And, it was the night Brent returned home with three gushing literary groupies, all in their early twenties.  It was also the last time any woman had spent the night in this third story walk-up.  And that included his ex-girlfriend, Tara Saunders, who in-explicitly left as soon as the four showed up at the door.

The End

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