A Wrench in the Gears

The year is 2842. Super soldiers fight perpetual war all across the galaxy. N# 5457141 is just another cog in the war machine, bread from birth to kill.

N# 5457141 surveyed the valley bellow through thermal vision overlayed on his visors heads up display. A small stream lead through the valley towards a village that wasn't much more then a couple huts.

"Sitrep?" asked a voice in his ear.

"No movement below and skies are clear for miles. You sure their here?"

"Positive." said his squad mate from three meters behind him, perfectly camouflaged against an outcropping of rocks. "Move in, I'll cover."

In his armor N#5457141 stood to his full height of eight feet nine inches before leaping down and sprinting towards the objective marked on his HUD.

He jumped the stream and went prone on the bank just long enough to do a weapons check.

The End

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