The Balance



Melanion grunted with grim satisfaction, taking up the lifeless sword. He mounted his waiting steed, a dark smudge smoking in the starless night, and looked to the shrouded moon, masked with deepening obscurity, with a tight smile.


His eyes fell to the Wielder's lone horse, friendly ears perked in his direction. For a moment, he felt a pang of sympathetic feeling for the riderless equine, a vacant saddle. His cold heart warmed with a certain amont of pity for the solitary figure and the fate of its master. The Wielder was once a man that wicked fate had chosen - just as they all were.


But that moment was brief, his heart hardening as he returned to his regular self. Securing the Syv'Awendale blade, he tightened the reins and quickly jerked at his lively horse. In a fluster of excitement, the black stallion spun valiantly on his heels as if in preparation to spread his wings and jump out into the sky.


The Wielder's horse nickered huskily after them, something in the hollow call making Melanion pause as if he had heard his own name.


And yet, the horse did not stand alone. Before him was the ghostly outline of Aura, a faint white blur almost lost in faceless invisibility - lost and weak among the shadow's strength.


"Have you forgotten the basic rules in your mindless quest for power, Melanion?" Her wicked whisper breathed directly in his ear. "How does any of this make you happy? All alone in this lifeless world? You are King, but you are King of nothing and no one."


He shivered, armor bristling. Even his horse had fallen quiet beneath him.    


"Have you forgotten The Balance? You may have won your gray world, but still the light remained, however constrained. You are now killing the Light. And why have you never killed me before? Because of The Balance.


"There is no good without evil, no light without darkness, and no darkness without light. Without the both element's existence, all will sink into Nothing. The Last Souls - you included - will dissolve into Nothing. We will not die. We will simply cease to exist - the Ulitmate Death of Soul."


Melanion swallowed. "You accursed liar. You have been wrong thus far - why should I believe you now? Farewell, Aura. You are a nuisance I will be happy to dismiss."


"The clock winds to our end. Enjoy your breath of ridiculous power while you can. There is little time.


"I would have expected much more, Melanion. Even from you."


"What is that supposed to mean?" Melanion snarled to no one in particular. He was alone with the two horses once more. He grit his teeth furiously and lurched forward, his mythic horse diving as a dragon into the infinity of night.


The End

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