A Night



Day sank into twilight - gray faded into night. The goblins, once thought dead, twitched awake, their disseminated bodies pulling together. Nocturnal eyes searched out the darkness for the sword they craved, and the wielder that kept it from them.



The Knight of Shadow rose with them, mounting his beastly steed. The dragon roared and spouted a tongue of hungry darkness. In the black landcape of night, the great creature was exuberant with life. Ravenous, he swallowed the stars in one gulp, leaving only the wide face of a moon masked with hazy clouds.



As strange, unseeing darkness threatened to consume him, Rider drew the Sword of Syv'Awendale and sketched out a brilliant orb of warmth.




He had raised a clear signal to all that chased him.



The End

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