Sammy- reality

I can't change the world, or what others think. Tabby blocked out the real world most of the time. Only her parents and I were ever allowed to be apart of her world in her head. It killed me when I told her lucky ran away, or when I had to hear stuff people said behind her back. I just can't believe how cruel the world can be for someone as amazing as her. I just wanted to be there for her. Over the years as Tabitha got older we grew apart. I stopped seeing her everyday. I saw her a few times a week. School got to be a lot. When I did see her it was I made sure she had an amazing time. Not seeing her all of the time made me realize how much I truly missed her. I was a senior in high school by then so I would be able to spend time with her before I go to college. I want to be a doctor. Tabitha stands behind me with that. She thinks I'll make a great doctor some day. She understands that I can't always be there. She has school too, but it's no the same. I wish I could go back to the time when we were little kids and just freeze time. So we could be young forever. I'm 18 and Tabitha will be 18 soon. We're practically adults. I just don't want to have to grow up and leave tabby. 

The End

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