Tabitha- a wonderful weekend

Me and Samuel had the best weekend ever. He doesn't like a when people call him Samuel though. Sammy came over Saturday. He let me give him a makeover. I pulled his dirty blond hair onto the side of his head and put in a blue bow, which matched his eyes. I had a pink bow, but Sammy is a boy so I used the blue one. Later on we went to the mall. We tried on so many hats and shoes. I begged him to try a pair of glittery heels with me so we would match. I don't think he liked that idea, but with enough begging he put them on. I don't know what I would do without Sammy. He's my best friend. I don't talk to any girls at my school. They just don't understand me like Sammy does. No one does. I think some people try to talk to me. They tell me funny things, but Sammy hurts them. I guess he doesn't like them. If he doesn't like them I can't be friends with them. Sammy is special to me. I don't want him to leave me like my dog lucky did. A few days ago Sammy said lucky ran away. I asked him where did he run to, but I saw a tear run down his face. All Sammy said is he ran away and probably doesn't know his way home. He spent the rest of the whole weekend with me. Sunday before his mom told him it was time for dinner he taught me to skateboard. It was scary at first but Sammy held my hand the whole time. Me and Sammy will be friends forever. 

The End

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