Sammy- summing it up

This story is about a girl who feels the outside world is a cruel place, so she resorts to the world inside of her head. It will be told from the different point of views of other characters.

Every since I was a little boy I was friends with Tabitha. My parents always told me she was special, but it wasn't until I started high school that I realized what they truly  meant. Tabitha was autistic, but you couldn't really tell by just looking at her. If you studied her behavior it was obvious. Tabitha and I were so close that it was more of a brother and sister relationship. She was an only child, so I did every thing with her. I always protected her from other people, people who just didn't understand her. Autism is a communication and interactive disorder. I felt her disorder never made her special. What made her special was that she was always a true friend, and you could always count on her. In my eyes that was special. People didn't start making fun of her until middle school. They made horrible jokes about her, and the sad thing is she didn't understand they were making fun of her. One person told her to keep her head out of the clouds and get back to reality. She responded, "silly, I'm not that tall my head can't even reach the clouds." I got into lots of fights at school and was sent the the principals office many times throughout middle school and high school. People just didn't know when enough was enough. Tabitha kept to herself, other than me she didn't really talk to anyone. My mother said it was part of the disorder. You know I'm so tired of people labeling her as the girl with the disorder. Why can't people see her for who she really is? I wish people saw her like I saw her. 

The End

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