Old friends, New CommitmentsMature

  John stared coldly over the landscape surveying what was left of the small town, he shook his head with a sly smile that reminded me of the Raven Queen, something wasn't right here...

  "I have a proclamation from the Raven Queen," He declared his loud menacing voice booming over the landscape, as the fleet of ships crashed into the earth creating massive scars in the land.

 "Surrender now and your deaths shall be swift, If you do not... then I have orders to burn this whole town and it's inhabitants to the ground.". I grimaced as he stared directly into my eyes and something told me that he was going to far worse than kill me. He stroked the dragon's giant head gently and then whispered softly into it's ear. The beast looked like it was almost smiling as it pretty much dive bombed straight into the spot I was standing. 

 I managed to move a few feet before the ground around me shook and cracked and I was thrown far into the woods almost breaking my back in the process. I moaned as I tried to get up, all that achieved was plummeting back onto the hard ground feeling like I was about to die which I probably would very soon.

 I heard footsteps coming towards me and I saw John walking towards me in absolutely no rush. He smirked as he bent down next to me showing his sickly green eyes tainted with blots of black in them.

 "Well, well if it isn't the wolf," He cackled as he picked me up, his hands strong around my neck as he began to choke the life out of me, "Daddy's going to miss you now isn't he? Oh well maybe Lacrymosa hasn't dismembered him yet.". Threw his head back and laughed at the thought as if it were some type of joke.

 "John please," I croaked, my lungs beginning to feel like they were going to explode, "Just let me me go I'll do whatever you want! We're friends remember?". He stopped his laughter and looked me over coldly and then dropped me on the ground and pulled a rope off of his belt. 

  "We were friends Kael," He said softly as he tied the rope around my wrists and pulled me to my feet, "But I have new friends and they have a different agenda than you, and I have to help them.".  He walked me towards a small clearing and when he got there he pulled out a small flute and played a soft dark tune that made me feel fearful and depressed.

  The dragon blew me back without waring when it landed causing me to land on my butt as it planted itself gracefully onto the ground bowing it's head before John.

 "This is Lacrymosa she's my evanescent," He said stroking the beast's huge head, "Beautiful isn't she?".

 "Is an evanescent like a dragon or something?" I asked eyeing  beast while it glared back at me.

 "No actually they're closer related to ravens than they are lizards," He said as if he was somewhat offended, ''They're beautiful and graceful and they've thrived where they live. Can you guess where?". He sighed after I stared at him blankly for about 30 seconds.

 "They live within the bermuda triangle," He said, laughing when he saw my look of surprise, "They can send of waves of energy that throws off compasses so they'll have an easy meal.".

The End

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