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 Mechs had already arrived in the town when we'd returned. They were about the size of small houses and there guns were huge they were facing towards the ruins of my hometown. Boys around my age were being lined up and given shots of some strange glowing liquid. My father was surveying the situation with wide eyes and when he saw me he yanked me inside the doors of my mother's house and locked them shut. I began to ask what was happening out there but he cut me off sharply.

 "Those things are apparently coming here next," He said looking out the window as if to make sure it was safe, "They're low on bio soldiers here so they're injecting young boys with the same cybernetics they give bio soldiers and they're going to make them fight when the time comes."

 I then began to explain what those "things" were exactly and my father acted as if he was going to have a heart attack as I spoke. That's when I remembered it was Lucia who'd told me this and she'd given me no real proof.

 "Are you sure they're really from the cult?" I asked, "Not just some mutated freaks or something?". She sighed softly and rummaged through her pockets until she'd found a  holobox that looked like it was made of crystal.

 It widened until it looked like a huge tv screen and then images began to flicker across it. Horrifying images she must have taken while they were on the evac plane.

 Pictures of giant symbols of the raven, but the worst part was that it was obviously made from black magic, the ground was split in many places that showed it couldn't have been done by any machine because they weren't that powerful and they weren't that elegant.

 Then the very last picture almost made me faint it was the monsters dragging friends and other towns people through giant black portals that showed the Raven Queen's palace on the other side.

  "Oh my God..." My father said speechlessly, "They are from the cult... And that means-".

 "We're all in grave danger." Lucia finished his sentence for him softly putting a hand on his shoulder, "We should leave dad, NOW.".

 My father nodded, and we ran past our bewildered mother and grabbed our bags going quickly to the door knowing we only had a few minutes to get somewhere far away and plan what our next move would be. We were out the door when the gun shots began to ring out.

 "Damn it!" My father said quietly, "Lucia, you and Kael get as far away from here as you can, I'll catch up with you as soon as I can.".

 "No I'm not going to leave you here to face them alone," I said grabbing his arm, the desperation in my voice showing, "Please Dad give me a gun or something I can fight please!". I wanted to prove my worth to my father like most boys, that and I didn't want him to die here.

He was  about to refuse when I saw one of the mechs get jumped on by almost five of those monsters and it got its head nearly ripped off as it shot with it's machine gun arm, it was torn to shreds by the monster's claws. 

 "Fine but be careful and stay close." He muttered and then turned to Lucia, "But you still need to go I'm not going to let both my kids die today.". Lucia nodded quickly and took the gun my father held out and ran as fast as she could into the woods.

 "Stay close and don't try to be a hero," Dad said handing me a pistol that had a blade on the edge and a flaming kick to it, "And if I go down don't stay, leave me behind and save yourself and that's an order.". I nodded quickly as one of the boys who had gotten the injection of cybernetics ran past me and began to shoot at the beasts as they tore through more of the mechs. 

 He didn't last long as the beasts began to leave the mechs and attack the humans. My father and I took cover behind a house and shot quickly managing to burn through some of the fur on the freaks of nature and killed a few of them.

 We were chased behind a house and I was pinned down by one of the beasts when my father managed to pierce through it with a knife. I knew though that we wouldn't be able to keep this up, we would die here. As this thought ran through my head Bio soldiers poured out of the cruisers that had finally arrived.

 "They won't be able to save you," I heard a voice call out and I saw a cloaked man smirking coldly, "The chimera are only the first wave and they're the weakest of us.". A mech came up behind him guns blazing at him, when the man lifted up his hand and the ground suddenly sprang up beneath it and it was suddenly impaled with a small sharpened mountain. My father and I stood in shock as similarly dressed men began to obliterate the mechs and kill the bio soldiers with ease.

 My father and I shot and ran as fast as we could, my father once getting hit with an icicle that went straight through his shoulder. He collapsed onto the ground and began to curse as he attempted to remove it without making the wound worse. He eventually managed to break it in half and we began to run again most of the magic users occupied with the others who were still fighting even though the odds of victory were close to impossible.

 An explosion began to shake the earth and I looked up to see the fleet in the sky decided not to stand by and let their entire army die in one battle. Unfortunately though they killed bio soldiers along with their targets.  Houses full of innocents were blown sky high by the ones that were supposed to be protecting them. 

 Then it happened steel began to rain from the sky as something the size of a skyscraper ripped  through ships sending steel and flames hurdling into the ground. A roar shook the sky and ground that made the Chimera seem like wimpering puppies. It was a huge black, scaled beast with talons and teeth the size of houses. It's eyes were just black vortexes that resonated of death and destruction, and the fire it snorted only made it more menacing. Then I saw something that made me double over in pain.

 My best friend John was on top of the dragon, smirking darkly as he eyed from atop the giant beast. 



The End

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