Magic awakeningMature

 While I was passed out I dreamed of the Raven Queen, she was standing a few feet away from a throne made up of human bones woven together with thousands of crow feathers. She was holding a small black flame in her hand and I could see a picture of my burning home town through it. She snickered softly as she extinguished it and sat down on her throne and tapped her fingers softly on the arm rests made of actual arms.

 That's when I heard the doors fly open and I saw two armored goons carry in a familiar face, my dream form let out a gasp as I recognized my childhood friend John.

 "So you finally found the little puppet we'll use to lure Kael in have you?" The Raven Queen asked from her throne happily, "Good then now all we need to do is-".

 "What do you want with Kael?" John said making the fatal error of interrupting the queen while she spoke, "Because whatever it is I won't help you with it!". The Raven Queen was in front of him in a flash, her sharpened nails tore into my friends cheek and a disgusting hissing sound occurred as he began to scream and writhe around in pain on the ground.

 "Shut up while I'm talking you brat!" Her voice boomed and echoed through the hall, "Or next time it will be more than my nails that scratch you. Your lucky I don't paint them with anything more than a light dose of Chimera venom or you'd be dead by now.".

 She turned furiously and sat back down on her throne glaring as my friend sobbed and rolled on the floor. She waved them out of the room and they dragged my friend out of the room as the Queen's eyes suddenly began to bore into the place I was standing.

 "I didn't invite you here so begone!" Her hand closed into a fist and the floor cracked beneath me and I began to fall into complete darkness.

 I awoke screaming with tears in my eyes. My father grabbed my shoulders and calmed me down as I finally stopped my tears. and stopped my sobbing to survey my environment. We were in a small room with a wooden floor, small bookshelf, and a little desk in the corner. That's when I remembered the room I was in it was my room at my mother's house, I always hated it whenever I had to stay here after my parent's divorce. 

 "How did we get here?" I croaked softly, "How long was I asleep?". I peppered my father with questions, we had apparently been picked up at an evacuation zone and flown here, mom wasn't happy to see her ex-husband. Apparently the only reason he was still even here was because we were with him and Lucia after being fixed up by the doctor, 'convinced' mom and she agreed to let him stay.

 "Lucia's already back to her cold old self eh?" I asked jokingly and dad laughed nodding, "Figures even when she's hurt it's like talking to a block of ice.".

 "Excuse me but you do not talk about your sister that way!" I turned my head to see my mother standing sternly in the doorway, hands on her hips and her long golden brown hair tied back in a ponytail, "I don't care what rules your father may have this is my house and you will obey my rules!".

 "Lillian please he just saw his entire town burned to the ground cut him some slack!" Dad said looking rather irritated , "This is why I left because you didn't know when to back off!".

 Mom just about slapped him and then the memories of what I'd seen last night began to run through my mind. All those people dying.... whatever those monsters were they were evil and they shouldn't be trifled with. The Raven Queen though, is what really brought fear into my thoughts as I remembered how close I'd come to death last night. 

 "You have something I want which keeps me from killing you this second" Her words rang through my head like church bells on sunday, "But when the time comes that I can take it, you will die, no matter what any prophecy that hag at the temple may have.".

 "WILL BOTH OF YOU SHUT UP!" I heard my sister's enraged voice break through my parent's screaming and my thoughts, "It's no wonder you two got a divorce you'd probably argue over whether the sky's blue or not if you got the chance."

 Mom was about to argue but Lucia cut her off with a look that told her to shut up before she really got angry. Lucia motioned for me to come with her and we left the house without a single word.

  "Thanks I thought I was going to get stuck in there until they started fighting to the death." I said and Lucia merely nodded as we trudged through a small meadow of flowers towards a lake only a few yards away. I looked out over the water as Lucia skipped rocks across the surface of the liquid mirror.

 "That Raven Queen person... she scares me." Lucia said not breaking the concentration as the rocks bounced of the water like it was rubber, "She's apparently the leader of the cult of black magic."

 "What? That's impossible though they've been extinct for thousands of years!" I said in utter disbelief, "They were wiped out during the crusades and in all those witch trials! How could they have survived?".

 "Apparently some of them slipped away during the salem witch trials and began to recover from the near deathblow to their order," Lucia continued as she turned her intent blue eyes on me as she spoke, "Most people thought black magic was dead and that all remained was white magic.".

 She was right there were some people today who used white magic, unlike most stupid sci-fi movies would say they're actually welcomed warmly as healers. All they have to do is fill out some papers to show they're healers and boom they're almost at the top of the social ladder.

 Black magic though is completely different, it's evil unlike white magic.  This cult though is something beyond evil it's demonic almost, they literally craft their magic into beasts like the ones that attacked my city.

  The fact that they've returned after being almost completely wiped is very grim news. The fact that the Raven Queen is leading them and that she somehow plans to use me to help reach whatever goals it is they have, just about ruined my life at that moment.

   That's when the sky filled up with thousands of warships filled up the sky heading towards the ruins of my old town, and an entire army of Bio Soldiers was probably on board ready to kill on sight.

 "This has just turned into a full fledged war." I said quietly still in shock of seeing all those ships in one sky.

 "We need to go tell dad," Lucia said moving quickly past me, "He'll want to know that a war between two of the deadliest types of warriors ever to walk the earth is beginning."

The End

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