A world torn apartMature

When technology and dark magic collide the end is catastrophic. As 15 year old Kael is about to find out when his hometown is burned to the ground by a girl called the raven queen and her pack of monsters, who is as mysterious as she is powerful. As the war rages he and his family must find a way to stop her or their entire world will become nothing but fire and ashes.

 I awoke to the sound of screaming as an explosion racked the house and I was thrown out of my bed onto the floor. My sister Lucia came running into my room holding a pistol looking terrified. I got up quickly still only in my boxers and T-shirt as another earth shattering explosion was heard outside followed by more screams and the growling of giant beasts. 

 "Somethings going on we need to leave and we need to go," Lucia said quickly, I was about to protest when she cut me off sharply, "NOW!". I nodded quickly and pulled on some sweatpants and a hoodie and ran outside to see hell coming to earth right in front of me.

 They were hideous beasts covered with matted black hair, caked with blood and dirt. Their long nail and teeth were like sharpened daggers that tore through trees, cars, and people like they were butter. Their eyes though were the worst part they still haunt me, they were red slits that gave me horrible thoughts of the deaths of everyone I loved in the most hideous ways possible.

 One caught sight of us as it was mauling a guard and it appeared to almost grin as it arose teeth and eyes shining with a dark aura I didn't understand at that time. It ran at us so fast it was hardly anything but a blur as Lucia panicked and began to shoot rapidly as it came towards us. A blood curdling roar came as the bullets made wounds in its head and chest, but then it pounced on my sister obviously cracking some of her ribs as she cried out in pain and horror.

 I watched  helplessly  as it toyed with her sinking its claws in and out of her skin, causing tears flooded her eyes as she screamed for help. I finally found what small amount of courage that was still left inside of me and picked up Lucia's gun and began to open fire on the beast drawing it's attention away from her and towards me, it let go of her and charged towards me enraged and causing me to stand paralyzed as it barreled towards me sure that I was going to die.

 The deathblow never came though as my father, a bio soldier managed to kill it with an electrified shotgun to the face. His black hair was matted against his ears with the sweat from the fires blazing all around us. He stared at the gun in my hand somewhat bewildered, that's when it dawned on me Lucia had taken his gun from where he usually hid it in his office. She must have thought dad couldn't handle himself. She was wrong.

 "We need to get out of town," Dad said, picking up Lucia with ease due to extra cybernetic strength implanted in all bio soldiers, "Those monsters and some freaks with magic powers are attacking the town.".

  "Dad you're a bio soldier the most elite warrior there is! Can't you do something?" I asked, but as I looked into his eyes I saw sadness and knew then it was too late to save the town. Another explosion shook the ground and we began to run as fast as we could towards the highway out of town. We passed more of those monsters tearing down houses like sand castles and throwing people around like rag dolls, one turned and tried to tear my father in half with his claws, Dad sidestepped and the monster got an electric shotgun shell through the chest.

 We had almost reached the edge of town when we spotted a figure in front of us. It was a woman in a black flowing cloak, she had hair that looked like obsidian that fell past her shoulders almost to her waist. She was skinny, and had slender hands and legs.

 She was beautiful in every aspect of the word, but then I looked into her eyes and saw nothing but a lust for blood and death. She smiled sweetly as we approached but it was something I could see straight through almost like glass, whoever this lady was she was dangerous and couldn't be trusted.

  "Enjoying a little evening stroll now are we?" She asked her voice thick and sweet like honey, "It is lovely out tonight now isn't it?". My father and I stared at her like she was crazy and we were both sure she was. 

 "Lovely? Lady are you crazy?" I asked raising an eyebrow, "People are dying, screaming, and a whole town's burning and you think it's a nice time to gaze up at the stars?".

 Before she could answer other bio soldiers rushed towards us and pointed there guns at her yelling for her to freeze, put her hands up and that she was under arrest for terrorism. She looked slightly annoyed as she glared at them and began to speak.

 "Excuse me," She said her voice beginning to fill with anger, "BUT I WAS TRYING TO HAVE A  CONVERSATION!". Her hand flew in a sideways arc at them and I saw a gauntlet materialize on her hand, the air screeched like a jet engine and  huge gaping wounds opened up on the soldier's bodies and they flew like puppets having their strings yanked into buildings making huge holes in them.

 My father pushed me behind him as we both stared in horror at the monster before us now. She took a deep breath and smoothed over her hair and cloak smiling gently.

 "Now then where were we exactly before we were rudely interrupted?" She thought it over for a minute and then snapped her finger as she remembered, "Oh yes you were wondering how I could like a night like this and the answer's very simple, I AM the night and to be honest I enjoy watching people like the ones in this town squirm.".

 She smiled wickedly, her dark gray eyes holding the most evil one body could possibly contain. I breathed heavily in fear as she continued to study me thoughtfully, until she took a few steps forward and so did I feeling my own body not respond to me.

 "I am the Raven Queen Kael," She said, as she cupped my chin while I shook trying with no success to escape from her cold grasp, "I am more powerful than any bio soldier there is, what I did to those men and what I'm doing to you now isn't even a fraction of what I could do.".

 "So my dear boy you should consider yourself lucky," She said as she pushed me away and I finally regained control over my body, "Because you have something I want which keeps me from killing you this second. But when the time is right,I will take what I want from you and you will die, no matter what any prophecy that hag from the temple may have.".

With those last menacing words she sprouted huge black wings and was high in the sky and as I fell the world swirled around me like a koleidoscope as I blacked out.

The End

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