Chapter 10, Post-coital chit-chatMature

Jacqui and I laid together in the hotel suite, her arms draped across my naked stomach.

"So how did you know? That I'd like you?"


"You know... some people in this day and age take offense if they get someone of the same sex comes on to them."

"Oh. It was your assistant."

"Ah... Derek, remind me to give him a promotion."

"I shall." She giggled and rose up, kissing me tenderly. 

"So what did he say?"

"It was kinda funny actually, he came up to me and said, 'I'm afraid I'm going to have to escort you off these premises Helen, Ros doesn't want to see you.' I turned around and he muttered an apology, blah blah blah. We got chatting and he said from behind I looked just like one of your exes. I explained I was the translator for the Hungarian scientists and he said something like, 'ah, I guess you'll meet Ros then.' I was intrigued and as soon as I walked in I couldn't help but think... well you know."

"Hmm, I must say I have always gone for women with lovely asses." At this she giggled again, she rolled onto her back and stared at the ceiling.

"I've never done this before."

"What... been with- " she cut me off.

"No, first sight and in bed." 

"Me either."

"You didn't catch me as the sort to."

"So what changed you mind?"

"The pink bra."

"I see." I bent down to the side of the bed and picked up my bra. "You mean this old thing?"

"Yeah, I like pink."

"You know you lied."


"You were wearing black."

"I forgot."

"Oh yeah."


"So going to lie to me again.?"

"Not as long as I can help it."

"Good." This time I went down to her and kissed her, savoring the smack of her lipstick against my dry lips.

"i hope you don't think I'm easy. I'm not, honest."

"You're not, but same here, I'm not."

"So who is Helen?"

"Oh, About a year ago we split up and since then she's been turning up at work and starting arguments."

"So Derek was trying to prevent that?"

"She'd have come in and made one anyway, but he could have paged me and warned me."

The hotel lights went off. That's odd. Hotel#s aren't on meters... you just pay through the nose for extra expenditure. I got dressed in the dark and hurried downstairs with Jacqui. When we reached the foyer there was already a crowd of people gathered.

A dark man who I assumed to be the manager was standing on the lobby desk. "I'm sorry, theres nothing we can do! Just go back to your rooms and we'll get in touch with the electric board and find out the problem.

"Excuse me - I'm from the electric board. What's happened?"

The man took me aside and to the fuse cupboard. He took out a dynamo torch and wound it giving me light to see the fuses.

"They're all up - everythign should be working."

"That's it. We don't know why - It's just not turning on!"

Looks like I'm going to have to go back to the plant and try and sort this out.

The End

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