Chapter 9, The coming of lightMature

Rosaline Jennings, British Electrics, UK

The grid had been sabotaged, Very single breaker we had was no use. It took so long to just fix the problem and it seemed the whole country had gone to the dogs since.

"OK people, we need to fit this new switch into every station, I don't want a single street not switched." There was a quick commotion and the room emptied of the engineers and officials on the team. The plan was simple enough. More circuits, hundreds more all linked to each station. Basically if there was another sabotage of this scale again not every house would be blacked-out again. The saboteurs had managed to cut the cables in such a way that if only one was left un-repaired that nothing would work. I was actually surprised at how quickly the problem had been solved by my team of expert engineers.

Now this new switch, It was a breaker for every street that the station was hooked to. The separate plants could flip one and see if it worked. If not then the streets in that district could be tested and then we'd finally be able to identify the problem much faster and bypass the damaged lines, giving power to all others.

A head popped through the half closed door. "Excuse me Miss. Jennings but the Hungarian scientists have just arrived, should I show them and their translator into the main meeting room?"

"No just lead them here. I'll be a few minutes sorting out the files and I'll page you when I'm ready."

"Okie dokey Ros." His head left the door jamb and he closed it.

I was finally alone again. I picked up the papers from the desk and put them in a file to browse over later. I cleared the paper cups away and chucked a snotty tissue in the bin. That would be Arnold McEwen, he was the only one with a cold as far as I knew. 

I quickly typed a message to Derek my assistant to bring the scientists in.

It took less than thirty seconds for two young smart looking men, one tall and blond with his hair slicked with some form of grease the other slightly shorter and older with laughter lines about his eyes and hair streaked with the tiniest hint of Grey to get to the door. A few seconds later a very flustered looking woman entered, her mousy hair in a tight bun with a crown of strands framing her pink face. She must have been in her late thirties like me and I could feel an instant attraction to this stranger, which was odd for me.

"Hello Dr's Fekete and Balogh, and Mrs Lionel?"

"Miss Lionel, but call me Jacqui."

"Hello Miss Jennings." Said the blond Dr Balogh in a thick Hungarian accent.

"So I have come to understand that you two are heading the scientific forefront in nuclear energy."

Jacqui translated for me,"Tehát azért jöttem, hogy megértsék, hogy ti ketten a tételen belül a tudományos élvonalában a nukleáris energia."

"And I also understand that you have theoretical although highly possible ideas on cold fusion?"

"És azt is értem, hogy van elméleti lehetőség, bár nagy ötleteket a hideg fúzió?"

The graying Dr Fekete leaned forward for this question "Igen, és mi már azt is elszigetelt néhány stabil izotópok a hulladék Kísérleteink"

"Yes, and we've also isolated in some experiments, stable isotopes in the waste" Jacqui was very quick.

"Wow that's amazing! Now don't think I'm trying to rush you but I'd, not I mean our whole company would be honored to fund your research here in our laboratories, we're very keen to have you work here and we'd also give you accommodation it some beautiful houses not far from the plant with full use of chauffeur driven cars, both of which will be at your disposal."

"Ez csodálatos! Azt hiszem, tudok beszélni az egész társaság, amikor azt mondom, amit szeretnék, hogy finanszírozza a kutatást a következő tíz évben. Természetesen lesz a szállás és a teljes körű alkalmazása sofőr hajtott autók, amelyek egyaránt majd az Ön rendelkezésére áll. " I watched Jacqui's mouth pronounce these incredible words, How her lipstick parted with a tiny pop when she closed her mouth. I quickly shook my head and stopped. The scientists were nodding.

"I think they'd be thrilled Mis Jennings. We should go over details at a later date. At this precise time the scientists are tired and would prefer to sleep."

"Can you tell them that we have arranged a place for them in a hotel in a nearby village?"

"Of course."

"Miss.Jennings elintézte a szálloda a mind a ketten egy faluban, nem messze innen. Én maradok mögött, és megvitatják a részleteket neki az egész projekt, és én majd jelentést vissza később."

"Thank you." Said Balogh in his, admittedly funny, accent and the two scientists left the room to be taken by Derek and a chauffeur to the hotel.

When they had left and were out of ear shot Jacqui spoke. "So, we could talk about all of this. Or we could talk about how you've been staring at my lips."

"Oh - I'm so sorry, I didn't notice, I can stop if you're uncomfortable or I could appoint another to do these talks."

"Nonsense, I was trying to focus on Balogh's oily hair so I didn't peek down your top again."


"Yes, nice pink bra by the way."

I blushed. "Thanks."

"Mine is white by the way." She winked at me. Oh I could grow to love this woman!

The End

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