Chapter 8, TiptoesMature

 We awoke on the wicker sofa at around 4 o'clock in the morning. Valerie got my leg for me and we hurriedly got dressed and sneaked back upstairs, very careful not to wake Jess or Ben as we went past their rooms.

We slept quickly.

The coming of morning brought light that we missed so dearly. I couldn't waste it. I woke Valerie. We were both in a stupor of love and tiredness but I could feel the way she was excited under my touch. I tried to make a repeat of last night.

Suddenly the door burst open with the figures of Jess and Ben jumping on the bed. My plans foiled by the evil masterminds. Oh well.

We took breakfast in the lounge, the clatter of the cereal bowls was normality I craved. We had just started on the UHT milk, the last of the normal milk was off or used.

We decided not to waste the daylight. We walked to the beach with a makeshift picnic of cold chicken wings cooked previously and vegetables. We were edging closer to something resembling the everyday.

We build sand castles and Jess helped me get the sand out of my prosthetic afterward. I used my old film camera, hopefully I'd find someone who could develop them. I cherished these photos already. Isn't odd how we can be sentimental when nothing else is available?


We got home late enough for the dark to be creeping in. At first when I saw our house two things flipped through my head.

The lights are on - someone is burgling our house! shortly followed by The lights are on.  It was the jubilation of the last statement than vaulted me what felt like ten feet in the air with joy.

All the lights in the neighborhood were on, the living rooms were filled with light. I coudl have cried with joy. I fact, my eyes welled but I did not cry.

The End

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