Chapter 7, A week of nothingMature

The barbecue was good to raise the morale of the neighborhood. We ended up having a street party - everyone brought food, people brought lanterns and tables and anything they thought would be good.

Not that that the feeling was long lived.  One week later there still seemed to be no power. By the looks of it all major cities, towns, villages, hamlets - everywhere, was driven to a halt. The hospitals closed bar major surgeries. Messengers were sent out on bikes to and from the major cites with instructions for mayors. The majors then sent out to towns, then to villages et cetera. It was the only form of communication. All mobiles were useless now without charge. Cars were useless without the charge from 'juicy points' or electrical recharge points.

Everything was closed; food shops, which was the greatest blow, had to shut except for the few that still had canned or dried foods still available.

 Val, Jess, Ben and I had made the trip to the supermarket early on and stocked up on everything and anything we could grab, spending our all our savings and the money set aside for our energy bills. It was a good idea. Food stores quickly dried up and you couldn't buy anything for love nor money. Money was useless. Having our store cupboard full was like a comfort blanket when things felt hopeless.

The sun was setting so Val and I sat outside watching it.

"This is the last packet of fags... want one?"

"I'll have one if you would be so kind m'lady."

"Well certainly sire but would one also require a match?"

"Of course." She lit it for me. "Thank you baby."

I watched the curling of the smoke as it mingled into the evening air. There wasn't any sounds, not cars horns, not a distant television not anything. Although it was nice, in fact it was serenely beautiful, but it was eerie.

For the first time in ages I studied my wife as an artist studies a sculpture. The way her nose bent down at the end, the curve of her cheek and the shape of her eyebrows, all stunning. I had always loved her eyes, to me they sparkled in any light, or none at all. They were a dark chocolate which contrasted so much to the pale of her skin.

I appreciated her in full, her entire body, my perfect woman. She wasn't the most confident in herself. But I loved her. Actually I lie - I still love her and always will.

"What are you staring at?"


"Stop it." She wiggled a bit and fluttered her eyelids. "You're making me nervous."

"What? I don't bite - "

"Hard!" she finished my sentences, I love it when she does that.

"Well, may I kiss this lovely vision that I see before me?"

"Don't go kissing anyone else - but you can kiss this old crone."

"I'll go for the angel." I was en-flamed, something was just perfect about the moment. I kissed her with a passion. Feeling the sumptuousness of her curves under my fingers, how she moved to my touch.

I moved efficiently, lingering long enough for my liking but short enough that she didn't feel uncomfortable, she hated me staying on her 'wobbly' bits. She wasn't wobbly.

Her hands wandered on me, I felt her hand brush the growing bulge of my jeans. I felt and hear the tiny popping of the zip as she undid it, reaching in and moving the fabric of my boxers aside. Her hand was deliciously warm but not sweaty. I stubbed out the cigarette from my free hand and turned my full attentions on her.

"Lets go to the Wendy house." She whispered into my ear, I felt so naughty, like a teenager again.

We moved quickly into the wooden playhouse, pushing small tables and chairs away easily with our legs. He laid me down on the wicker sofa and pulled my top over my head, kissing gently down my naked torso. She walked her fingers down my barely visible abs. I stopped her hand and swapped places with her, I could have ripped her slinky top and jeans off but I savored the moment, kissing her plump breasts after I removed her top. I held them in my hands, weighing them and stimulating her nipples to her heavy breaths. I smiled, I like when I'm doing what we both love. I unzipped her jeans and removed both of ours. I chucked my useless leg to the corner of the room. This didn't require standing.

The End

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