Chapter 5, Debates, cakes and darknessMature

"I just don't think we should reply solely solar and wind power, what happens during spells of stagnant air? and the winter months when we'll have less energy here in Britain?"

"Lieutenant, calm down, we have tidal barrages being built and more demand is being placed on our existing nuclear power stations - what else do you expect us to do?"

I stopped picking at the blueberry muffin. "I have an idea Captain."

"Well go ahead Major Kinnock."

"Nuclear fusion - "

"You know it's highly inefficient Leslie, surely you remember the black-out of London in 2018 when they last tested - and they only lit a light bulb for a few seconds!"

"No, no no - hear me out, we need to pile resources into the development of cold fusion and it's industrial uses."

"Thank you - but how would you make that happen?"

"I heard that a group of scientists in Hungary are close to cold fusion... maybe they'll be interested in being funded?" Lieutenant Broadmoor said, getting out his chair and taking a board-marker.

He explained how it would happen and the theoretical efficiency, how it would be a good use of resources.

"But it's all theory Lieutenant."

"It may not be soon."

The meeting broke up for lunch after that. Time for me to go to the hospital. I picked up a ham sandwich and had a cigarette in my car before heading to the hospital. I put my jacket in the boot and started my shift as soon as possible. Only four hours today. I'd been granted some leave due to the meetings. I represented the everyday people and was key with my knowledge of power, of medical needs and of battle.

The ER was busy and after an hour there and I was assigned to Dr. Locum in the theater. It was a routine tonsillectomy but on a fifty year old man who had had multiple heart surgeries in the past. I was glad that hospitals were not on any form of electrical ration. They also had it for free, which was truly a blessing. It didn't take too lon and I was soon out and back to the ER.

5PM came quickly and I got back to the car, picked up the kids then Valerie. I took a detour to the local bakery and got a pack of four cupcakes with yellow butercream icing.


The house was completely black. None of the lights worked even when we took to the fuse box and manually overrode the breakers. The phone didn't work. Nothing woudl switch on.

The End

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