Chapter 4, If only dreams could beMature

The world was perfect - it was just as it should be. There was no war, there was no illness, and everyone, despite anything that may have happened seemed to be happy.

I wandered through an fruit orchard and picked a juicy red apple. The flavor was so vivid, and absolutely delicious. The sweetness lingered on my lips as I continued in this world.

Suddenly I was at some form of battery. The sides were made of glass and inside I could see a purple plasma filling up. It radiated energy, it felt warm and euphoric. I walked on, unhindered in this dream. I looked down to see my left leg and I wiggled my toes. A smile covered my face. I missed that.

I found myself in the presence of someone authoritative. I tried to talk but couldn't however he seemed to understand em and shared understanding back, he didn't speak either. He informed be of this world, how it worked. The energy was a new form of nuclear. Fusion. They'd perfected cold fusion! It was the most efficient energy this world had seen. He explained it all to me and it all seemed so simple.

Suddenly a siren was going off and everyone was running around. I was glued to the spot - what was happening?


I turned off the alarm clock. The world was hazy and the harsh light of morning streamed in through the window. It was 7AM. Next to me Val stirred. I kissed her tangles of brown hair.

"Morning baby." I got out of her warm embrace and started out of the bed. I pulled on my leg which had been lent against the bedside table. I hobbled to the bathroom. the door was locked.

I knocked gently on the door. "Hurry up in there."

"Kay dad... I'll be out in a sec. Is the castle done?"

"All done. Get ready for school and I'll take you this morning."

"OK." The door opened and Jess scooted past in her pajamas.

"Oh - wake up Ben for me. Jump on him." Jess ran into Ben's room and I heard the small skirmish of brother and sister.

I got ready for work quickly, putting on my uniform under my army jacket with the medals on. We had to be in full uniform for this meeting as it was the main half, but I had work afterward so I'd have to sit and swelter.

After a bowl of cereal and a quick hunt for school shoes we were out the house. My day to drive! I put the key in and flipped the numerous switches. I took Val to work first and left her there with a kiss and promise to text her later. Dropped the kids at each of their schools, made sure that the castle hadn't been damaged en route and nearly had to force Ben's lunch on him.

I got to the meeting with time to spare, I locked the car in the parking complex and as the lift had a big 'out of order' sign attached, I took the stairs to the meeting hall.

"Coffee or tea sir?"

"Er, coffee please, white, no sugar."

"I'll take it to your seat."

"Thank you."

One of my fellow soldiers from the medical tents in the former India was placed next to me. He hadn't arrived yet. The waitress brought my coffee over and put it on the coaster.

"Would you like anything else, croissant, pain au chocolat perhaps?"

"I'm fine."

"Very well." And she left to tend to a group who had arrived.

The End

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