The Rally

     Although we have adapted to the new environment, the entire community agrees that this is no way to live.  Where once we harvested barley, we now scavenge for food and hunt tirelessly for snow bear.  Elrick and the few remaining horses live off of the small store of hay that the town has gathered over the years.  I know that we cannot go on like this forever. 

     I decided to call together a meeting with the elders to discuss the future.  We all agreed that there must be survivor colonies elsewhere.  There were also rumors of areas where the ice had not struck-places where you could ride your horse through the plains and feel the sun on your back. 

    During the meeting with the elders we developed several courses of action.   One option was to do nothing and hope that winter would eventually end.  The next choice would be to build wagons out of the scraps of wood that had not been used for fire and attempt to find other colonies and the rumored land of warmth.  Finally, we could send an exploratory party out in search of a better life, but this would require the party to eventually return to the colony to retrieve the remainder of the survivors. 

     After much discussion and deliberation the elders agreed to

The End

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