A Will of Ice

     Most people are not cut out for modern life. Ice is hard, ice is cold, and ice is unforgiving. After the freeze, most people became living death. They had no will. The cold gets into the mind, it freezes hope. This is why so many died.
     Our settlement, for it is a town no more, consists of less than a hundred families. This may seem large enough, since there are around four hundred and fifty people; but compared to the size 'Antonio was a few decades ago, we are tiny. Nowadays, the only people around are the tough and the brave. Take Mrs. Parkins- you wouldn't expect a sixty-plus year old woman to survive an eternal winter- but here she is. And a finer doctor can't be found.

So here I am.

     Even after the weak were eliminated, a fire was hard to come by in most people's hearts. But I, well- I tried. Who gathered everyone? Who secured our survival?
But my days as a boy are past. Now, I'm wiser. I don't let my emotions control me. I make sure survival is secured- no matter what the cost.

I have a will of ice.

The End

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