A World Disturbed

On sepember 8 th 2015 the world shakes violently strange sightings of Aliens, and monsters are reported hours after the violent shake that killed millions of lives. Portals are discovered Militaries move quickly to quarantine them. The rest is kept top secret but all we know is the result of what happened has brought around monsters that prey on humans opening portals where they are terrifying the people of earth. While the military does everything it can to get the upperhand but failing at ever


I lay in my bed hearing the sirens of an Ambulance and Police cars run down the streets.  Since that faithful day seven years hearing sirens is an hourly occurence. I also knew that those sirens probably ment a certian death this also something that isn't new to me. I could never get use to it, I didn't like the idea that someone I know may have just died. I don't like the idea that those sirens for could be for me one day. I sat up in my bed know it wouldn't be long before the AMA gets. here.  AMA is short for Anti Monster Army.

On september 8 th 2015 the earth shook violently no one knows why, well perhaps a few select people as conpirators have suggested. All I know is that on  that they came, and I know when they come, I can feel it. My ears begin to ring, my mind clouds over.  I put on my clothes and put a loaded gun inside my pants. I am one of the first civilians to have killed a monster with a gun single handedly, and I was labled a hero for a bit before, a law was passed that every civilian above the age of 17 will be required to carry an armed weapon to defend one self from a monster. Kids were escorted by armed polie officers around a bus or a group of parents or AMA soldiers.

No matter how prepared you are though monsters evolved quickly, and you can't make on mistake, and also its statisticallly important to know that an armed weapon is only affective against one monster. If you happen to come across a group of them then you must have one person with a weapon to one monster however thats unlikely.

Once I opened my front door I could here the AMA helicopters flying overhead, and the cold night hair be flattened down by the helicopters power.  I will be a couple hour early for work, but there was no possible way I will be able to stay awake with all of this going on now.  My car doors clicked open by the press of a button, as I was stepping into my car footsteps fell onto my drive way.

"Excuse me sir. I need to ask you a question!" The officer grabs my door just before I shut it.

"Sure Officer what do you need?"

"The Victim of the attack siad that Shard Decloak had saved her from the monster attack. We wondering if you can confirm the sighting."

I forgot to mention in the city of Vanouver British columbia a sort of super hero has stepped forth and is the only known man to have been seen on camera to single handedly take down a group of monster with only a sword. People are begining to beleive he is some sort of messiah given to us by god. I don't beleive in that I think there is a logical explanation for his miracoulus feat, something to do with my ability to sense monsters. Or maybe he is a monster.

The End

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