Worlds Apart: Research and Reflections

Melody rubbed her temples as she titled her head back over the back of her chair. The words of the book she was reading were blurring before her eyes. She needed a break.

Looking at the clock on one of the side tables in their personal library at work, she was not surprised to see that six hours had passed since they had entered and begun researching through the extensive book titles their father and grandfather had built up over the years they had been alive.

On the deep mahogony table lay books piled up, some open and some not. Papers were stuck out of some of the closed books at all angles and the remenents of lunch were crumpled onto disposable plates.

Marcus had his head down over a volumous tome with red, hard-back binding. Melody's own volume was thin compared to his but it was not the first one either of them had cracked open that day and the throbbing behind her temples was telling her it was time for a break.

Marcus looked up and yawned. "Found anything interesting on your end?"

His twin frowned. "Some. But whenever I think I've found something inconsistencies pop up."

Her brother grinned and pushed the book away. "In our line of work the inconsistancies are the only constants."

"True, but..." She shrugged. "Something feels off about this. It's not normal."

"Define normal."

She wrinkled her nose at him and stuck out her tongue.

"Speaking of which, when did Robert say we could come back?"

Marcus picked up the small card that was lying on the table and read it. "Ten tonight. He'll be waiting to let us back in."

Melody took a deep breath and puffed out her cheeks. "Beats breaking and entering I guess. Still, I wish we could have done our thing when the traces were not so cold."

"Agreed but with Porter there it was best not to chance anything."

Melody shrugged. "You would think..."

Marcus interrupted before she could finish the sentence. "You should know not everyone sees whats in front of their eyes."

"Maybe we should be grateful for that."

"Maybe. But sometimes it is a pain in the ass."

At that moment Margret entered with a tray of coffee and a large bottle of asprin.

Marcus groaned and rubbed at his neck. "Maggie, my love, how would we ever get along without you?" Reaching for one of the steaming cups and the asprin, he downed three and took a greatful sip.

"You wouldn't," Margret said difinitively and turned to leave. "I'm going home. Make sure you lock up. I've already turned off everything that would burn the place down just make sure you turn that key in the lock before you go."

Marcus and Melody grinned at each other as Margret went about doing exactly what she said she would.

"You would think it was her place the way she goes on," Marcus said lightly.

"She has been here longer than both of us."

"Put together."

"I wouldn't tell her that."

Stretching, Melody stood and put a hand to her back, rubbing. "I don't think we're going to get anything else done today."

"Yeah, before we can look for answers we have to know the questions."

"Which we hopefully will find out tonight."

"Tonight," Marcus agreed standing himself. "Until then I suggest you get a few hours sleep. It's going to be your show."

The End

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