Red Molly

Whatts' your na7me?? he typed overeagerly and winced at the mistakes.

Red Molly. What's yours? the reply flashed up instantly on the screen. He glanced around but no one was looking his way, even though his ears were so hot he was certain they had to be glowing like beacons. He racked his brains for name that might impress her.

Mad. Terrible, but he'd already pressed send dammit.

Nice name.

It's shoprt for Madrigal. Would you like to mewt? WLTM. He typed.

Do you have a picture? Send the link? :)

He sent it and gibbered in disbelief at the picture she sent back. He wiped his mouth again and stared. Wow!

So, shall we meet up?

Yes, thta would be nice. Where? He typed. She wanted to meet! After seeing his picture and everything! Well, why not. Of course she did. The magestic white locks, the noble tilt of his nose - a winner every time.

I know just the place. Tomorrow night. At the witching hour ;).


The End

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