The dark and meandering streets of Huntingdon bustled with shoppers bashing each other with their heavy bags and jostling for space on the pavements. Taxi cabs ploughed through the mess of leaves and sludge on the roads while buses held up the traffic for miles in every direction.

Madrigal zipped through the jams, leaving startled drivers to honk their horns in his wake and causing pedestrians to scurry for the relative safety of the stores. He parked up in a no-parking zone directly outside of Sean's Internet Cafe and paused to check his reflection in the dirty window before sauntering through the open door.

He nodded toward Sean and took his customary seat at PC12, eyeing the screen hungrily. He really couldn't wait to check his email; the webcam on PC12 got his best side and surely there'd be a reply tonight.

He logged in, so excited his hands trembled on the keyboard before he remembered himself and sat up straight, giving a dignified cough. No one seemed to be watching him, so he wiped his mouth surreptitiously on his sleeve and opened his account with...



The End

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